Industry : Event

Client Business :

The client has an event venue in Pune by the name ‘Abhishek Lawns’, located in Wagholi. They cater to a wide array of event requirements including the likes of Weddings, Corporate events, Concerts, Birthday/Anniversary Parties, Fleas Markets and so on. They had a requirement for Brand Communication Services in order to create brand awareness and engagement of premium clientele

Objectives :

To create brand awareness and engagement of premium clientele.

Our Solution :

After a few sittings with the client to understand their mission, vision & demands, our team commenced work for their Social Media Marketing (SMM) and customized a strategy based on their requirements.

Our team has made sure that the client’s requirements and USP were well highlighted as was their product .This was made possible with the use of images, they provided us, together with creative designs by our team; all of which was done keeping in mind the credibility as well as client satisfaction.